Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rewriting History

Of course, anything that involves money, including damages, or possible fame will attract the cunning and unscrupulous. We see these on the fringes of most science: the self-anointed "expert" who has a "secret" means for doing something - in this case, for predicting earthquakes.

The following is part of an actual example sent to Ask-a-Geologist. The writer attempts to rewrite history, by claiming after the fact that he "predicted" a series of events. I am only showing a part of the "question", since the entire thing would take several pages of false claims. A singular characteristic of these miraculous "claims" is that they are missing any substantive information on HOW they made their "prediction." They want you to pay first, of course.


Hey Rog, I am actually at a
real computer for a change!
I am getting more and more
serious about this 29th and
30th quake although,of
course,I am not sure it will
hit Christchurch but that is
where the Godly intuition
points as of now. It might hit
Christchurch the 22nd of
February if you read the
below information supplied a
journalist in 2009.

(My reply to the AAG Coordinator, Rex Sanders):

Rex, I don't think this one warrants a response. In fact, ANY response from the USGS would only serve this individual's efforts to recreate history. Do you see a lot of these? It's clear that the individual wants to claim association with the USGS to strengthen his "credentials" and any reply will only serve this dishonest purpose. ==Jeff


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