Friday, March 6, 2015

Do You Like Your Job?

I'm always impressed when young people are already thinking early about a career - instead of growing older and stumbling along through life, wondering how they got where they are. 

Q: I am in 6th grade, and have been given an assignment to ask you some questions.
Question: do you like your job?
- Cadee C

A: I absolutely love my job. All of it except the bureaucratic stuff.

Q: What inspired you to study geology? 

- I could be a real world detective. 
- I could pick up a rock and examine it closely, and  understand its history from the clues you or I can see in it.
- I could work on something that actually helped other human beings live better, live happier. Do you go to school in a bus or a car? Do you read using electric lights? Thank a geologist.

Q: what is your favorite area of study? 

A: All areas. I am interested in the full range of geology, and have published scientific papers in such diverse fields as archeology, astrophysics, and groundwater hydrology. the world is just so full of fascinating things, and I want to study all of them.  

Q: what is something fascinating you've learned since becoming a geologist?

- How a rock the size of my office, traveling at 10 kilometers per second, can carry so much kinetic energy that it can  leave destruction equivalent to an atomic bomb.
- How water moves slowly underground, and how pollutants from a leaky tank at a service station can move with it and poison whole cities.
- How gold gets concentrated by natural processes - and how to find it!
- How an ocean floor can become volcanic lava. 

Q: how has the way you study geology changed over time?

- We use computers very heavily now. We use very sophisticated numerical modeling to understand what is happening under the ground, when we cannot see or detect features otherwise. 
- We spend much more of our time doing bureaucratic things that don't have anything to do with our work. These are increasingly required by Congress because some people there don't trust federal employees to work honestly.  
- We have to work harder and smarter to get the same kind of productivity.

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